Away from home: Skagit snow geese

The Skagit Valley, about a 3 hour drive east of Sequim (including a ferry ride), is a winter birding hotspot. I’d seen terrific photos and videos of great masses of snow geese and swans in the flooded agricultural fields. It seemed a practical way to see what I could learn about shooting birds by paying a visit. This scene greeted us not long after we arrived in LaConner, a sweet little town at the edge of the Skagit Valley.

We roamed the valley for a couple of days. This was as close as we could get to large groups of birds. We found many smaller flocks of swans not far from the road, feeding, resting, honking, and bugleing.

This was a group of hundreds. A wide angle lens would have done it more justice but I was still excited by the sight.

11 thoughts on “Away from home: Skagit snow geese”

  1. Kay,
    I love your photos, but most all the waterfowl that I can see in these 3 photos are snow geese. There may be a couple trumpeter swans in amongst them, but I can’t see any. I’m not trying to be critical. Swans have much longer necks and a very black beak.

    1. Right again, Gary! Thank you for letting me know. All the birds we saw at closer range were swans. I assumed these were the same.

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