Discovery Trail Farm

There’s an interesting looking building not far from Kitchen Dick Road. (Yes, I know. Funny name. It’s taken from two regional pioneer family names, Kitchen and Dick.) It’s another one of those places that blends into the scenery until someone like a Dear Husband says, “Did you see the airplane in that building?” “A what?”

In an open overhang is the wooden frame of an airplane. Clearly someone’s project. Clearly not going anywhere in the near future. It looks as if it’s been left alone for a good while.

It’s another one of those “I don’t know the story” stories. I’m beginning to realize that comes with the territory when you’re a curious photographer. But if you’re a local or would like to know more about Sequim’s aviation history, here’s a link to an interesting article.

6 thoughts on “Discovery Trail Farm”

  1. Two rather unfortunate family names Kay 😀 I can’t imagine that aeroplane flying anywhere, would be interesting to see finished project.

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