Flight training

Canada geese are honking up a storm these days as big flocks make their way across the sky, first headed in one direction, then turning back. At first they’re unsynchronized, scattered, raucous. But as they turn and regroup they gradually string out and slowly, gradually a vague wedge is formed. Clearly, those distinctive “V” formations don’t just happen. Geese gotta learn.

5 thoughts on “Flight training”

  1. Interesting, I always wonder how they know where to fly in such a large group. We have those small black birds (I think that’s what they are called); they fly as a huge group, dipping, ascending and descending all over the place at high speeds. It is interesting to see that but hard to get a photo of. I got one but it looked like tiny black dots in the sky.
    Enjoy the weekend, Kay.

  2. Love your caption! Little geeses gotta learn too. I wouldn’t want to be their trainer, though. Can you imagine all the honking that goes on? And you thought driver’s ed was difficult. 🙂

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