Snail mail

Some people collect antique furniture, vinyl records, vintage posters. Others restore old cars. I make and send greeting cards. It’s very retro, I know. But to me a mailbox with something personal in it is warm and fuzzy.

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  1. Oh you are so right Kay. I remember years ago, and I do mean years ago 😊 I had pen pals all over the world and it was such a thrill to get aerograms from exotic places. These days it’s the odd birthday card 😊 Love this row of eagerly awaiting postboxes!

  2. Making cards is great and very creative. My wife and I do the same, me with photo cards and she with something made of yarn so when the person receives it, they can remove the little piece she designed and hang it somewhere. I haven’t seen mailboxes lined up like that in a while.

  3. We only see that type in the countryside. The Gazette newspaper box I see surprised me, but I guess it’s a common enough newspaper name. I read the Montreal Gazette here, which has been around a long time.

  4. Don’t see these mail boxes in a row so much anymore. I wonder how many times the mail has gotten mixed up so that the right person got the wrong mail (or vice versa?

  5. Having been a lucky recipient of your greeting cards, I would have to agree.

    Thank you again for my latest “warm & fuzzy”.

  6. Kay,
    Your post with the photo of mailboxes reminds me of the “Opinions” section of the online Alaska Dispatch News. For each day, they print a “Readers Write” section which includes letters received, and a photograph for the day that has something to do with mail or writing or letters. Some of the photos are really good: old typewriter keys, old stamps, an old brass mail slot on the front door of a house, etc. You might want to peruse this section and see some of the varied photos.

  7. You are such a nice person, Kay. I agree that receiving a real greeting card makes the recipient feel special. Do you need my address?

  8. I love to get mail – but it has really gone down lately with email and text and such – what a shame. I’m sure that those who receive your hand made greetings are extra happy. Hope you have a great week my dear.

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