California heartbreak

Though I’ve witnessed the Northern California fires from the comfort and safety of Washington State, this has been a dreadful week. I lived in Sonoma County for seven years in a community immediately south of Santa Rosa, one of the ground zero locations of the fires that have destroyed over 3,500 houses and other structures. Knowing the area, the scale of the devastation there and in Napa County and beyond is inconceivable. California is in my thoughts and prayers.

The photo above is a winter view from an office window in Petaluma, about 15-20 miles south of Santa Rosa. The rolling hills in the background are along the eastern boundary of Sonoma County leading to Napa. Beyond them is terrain that is now on fire.

7 thoughts on “California heartbreak”

  1. I can’t think about this. The devastation is too much. And then with all the other things going wrong in the world, I have to try to put it out of mind. It must be harder for you, having lived in that area. My dad used to preach in a church in Eureka – is that close by? What are all those people going to do? What’s being done for the families who have lost loved ones?

  2. Fires and floods seem to be happening in lots of places around the world. Hope and pray that the devastation the fire is causing will end soon. Monday we are expecting the remnants of
    Hurricane Ophelia to hit our shores. Severe gusty winds and lots of rain. 🙁

  3. Lovely view – and such sadness about the fires. The Napa Sonoma area is one of our favorites and Don says it is the most beautiful place he’s ever been. He grew up in Wisconsin and the scenery of California was enchanting to him when we first moved to CA in 1970. It is still one of our favorite areas. Hope those fires are out soon – wish I could send all this rain to them. We got two inches overnight – what did you get?

  4. The stories I have read about the fires are horrific and scary. I will be in San Francisco after Christmas and we had hoped to visit that area, but now I don’t we will. It is so sad.

  5. These fires are absolutely horrible. They have laid waste to immense numbers of homes and acreage.

    BTW, you asked if the adorable little blonde girl in the pink dancer’s dress is Willa. Well, what do you know, so it is!

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