I spent some time in the waiting room of a doctor’s office recently and noticed these bibles for anyone looking for something to read. I had my own book. What was notable was the Christian praise radio station playing so loud that I had trouble concentrating on my book. Not what I’ve come to expect in a doctor’s office.

9 thoughts on “Different”

  1. We have some religious doctors, too. But I think sometimes it’s the people who work in the office who attempt to impose their beliefs on patients, which is really stupid. I resent this kind of thing very much. I remember one office I was in where someone had left several piles of Jehovah Witness tracts. I threw them in the waste basket! 🙂

    Maybe you need to find a new doctor. Have you ever noticed that the MDs in Congress are the most retrograde, ultra-conservative, non-scientific morons in that body?

  2. I might be inclined to walk out under the circumstances, but some of the born again can’t take a hint and realize their enthusiasm to share the good word can be off putting.

    I do like the shelf’s carving, though.

  3. Loud music of any sort is annoying to me – but add to that the christian music and I’d be up and asking them to please be considerate christians and treat people kindly by turning down the music. The sculpture is beautiful but ruined by its contents.

    And so – may you have a better week ahead than your waiting room visit. The snow geese are back in Skagit Valley – maybe next week a trip down to see – and hear – them. Can the Trumpeter and Tundra Swans be far behind?

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