Around the gardens

The Japanese Garden at The Butchart Gardens is sublime. Like virtually every other part of the gardens, there is beauty at every turn. But the mood of the Japanese Garden is subdued, quiet, contemplative. There are several groves ideal for peaceful meditation though it may be a challenge if you factor in your dozens of new friends also enjoying the gardens.

The Italian Garden is so colorfully planted it’s almost blinding in bright light. This area of the property was originally a concrete tennis court. To the left is a former bowling alley. The Butcharts obviously had resources.

A rose garden is at the heart of the gardens, filled with hybrid tea, climbing, and rambling roses. It’s everything a rosarian dreams of.

6 thoughts on “Around the gardens”

  1. Japanese gardens are so tranquil, I don’t think I’ve ever visited one that I haven’t loved. The Italian garden is so beautifully vibrant as are most Italians I know ๐Ÿ˜Š Your comment on my blog today made me laugh Kay ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Such an unique place with all those lovely gardens. I love all the colour in the Italian garden. And of course, the rose garden is the prize. Nice photos Kay!

  3. Oh my – love each of the gardens – each has its own special attraction. Thanks for sharing, for those of us who don’t get up that way. Love love love the red rose – I find red to be a difficult color to capture and you did it perfectly. I hear we have rain coming later this weekend – are you ready for it? I’m not – I want summer to go on forever, even though I realize it is the middle of September – I still want it to continue.

  4. I love all the gardens. And I can imagine you would have liked to spend more time there. Isn’t it amazing at the joy color brings to our lives! If life were like a black and white movie it would be pretty depressing!

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