The Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden at The Butchart Gardens is located in a former limestone quarry. In the early 1900s Jennie Butchart’s vision was to beautify the site which had supplied her husband’s Portland cement plant. Many of the plants in the gardens were originally collected by the Butcharts during world travels.

There is a core gardening staff of at least 50 with additional workers hired during summer. Flowers are continually deadheaded. Visitors don’t see withered blossoms or decaying foliage, nor do they see cut stems.

Tens of thousands of bedding plants beautify the gardens and are changed seasonally. The gardens own 26 private greenhouses and have full time arborists and nursery staff. It shows.

8 thoughts on “The Sunken Garden”

  1. It’s a beautiful garden Kay. The work that goes into a garden like this and Perth’s Kings Park is huge. I love watching the gardeners working away and often think it would be really nice to have a job like that.. hard work but you certainly would keep fit 😊

  2. Very pretty and quite the operation. What an incredible vision that Jennie had. People must love visiting this garden and seeing all of its beauty. Nice photos Kay.

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