Almost good enough to eat

I’d gotten in the habit of celebrating my blog anniversary with a cupcake each year. Light a candle, take a picture, congratulate myself, and then enjoy the cupcake. This year, number six, slipped by completely unnoticed last Friday. Thanks, “SAM,” a local friend, for the reminder.

In the absence of my traditional trip to That Takes the Cake, herewith some soy cupcake candles from CupcakeCandle Company, a local candle maker.

The candles were nicely displayed during the Lavender Festival. It seems almost criminal to make something that yummy looking inedible, doesn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Almost good enough to eat”

  1. I don’t think I have ever tried a cupcake. Not my cup of tea, but on a good note, my favorite cafe opens today after being closed for three weeks so I might try one of their tasty pastries.

  2. Huge congrats on six years Kay, I’m the same, more often than not I forget 😀 oh my I really thought the cup cakes looked delicious, that’s just mean 😀😀

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