Whatever floats your boat

I’ll admit it: I’m at an age where I’ve seen more than my share of styles come and go. Hair, clothes, shoes. Hip one year then passe. I don’t keep up with it anymore. This leaves me an amused observer…as I’m sure I amused many an elder in my day.

5 thoughts on “Whatever floats your boat”

  1. If you can believe it, when I pointed out this new hair trend to my DH, he claimed he hadn’t even noticed. I know he has some trouble with his eyes but how could he have missed it?! This woman has beautifully long hair and I wonder how often she changes the colour? I’m with you, quite amused. Last year I spoke with one woman at the Farmers Market who had a tailored, passion pink hairdo. When I inquired, she leaned over and whispered, “Chemo.” That put a different spin for me on that particular hairdo!

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