Summer with a vengeance

We’re sharing Canada’s misery. As of yesterday afternoon there were around 23 wildfires burning in British Columbia. Easterly winds have brought the smoke onto the Olympic Peninsula, hidden the mountains, and made air quality somewhere in the range from poor to downright terrible. The view into the Dungeness Recreation Area looks foggy here but that’s smoke. These conditions have occurred before but this is the worst I’ve experienced since my days in California where the state underwent regular incineration.

And yesterday was my hottest day yet in Sequim. The number on the upper left is the outside temp, 99 degrees Fahrenheit…or 37 for those who operate in Celsius. We don’t get temperatures like this here. Not usually.

Ignore that rain icon in the middle. Our weather station seems to throw that in regularly just to keep things interesting.

6 thoughts on “Summer with a vengeance”

  1. I saw this on the news Kay, dreadful and so familiar, happens every summer here too. The thing that I find the most horrendous is that a percentage of the fires are deliberately started!

  2. I’ve lived on the coast for 45 years, and have never seen the like – hot, hot, hot. Records dropping everywhere – add all that smoke and it means I’m not venturing too far from home.

    (You’re just a little off on your count – yesterday there were 130 fires in the province.)

  3. It has finally gotten HOT here. The only bad thing is it’s hard to sleep at night (most homes don’t have A/C).
    Hope things cool down in your area soon though.

  4. I hope you — and British Columbia — get some of that “false news” rain to bring the temps down and quench the fires. Breathing that smoke can’t do you any good.

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