All that lavender

Here’s another way that the lavender in Sequim gets processed: it’s dried. We were invited into the drying barn at Kitty B’s Lavender where workers were busy processing bundles of lavender to be hung and dried.

Bundles are hung like string bound vines with fans running to keep down mildew.

Dried lavender is sold as aromatic bouquets and sachets, woven into wreaths and flower arrangements, and some strains have culinary uses as in herbs de Provence. It can be mixed into baking soda and used as a carpet freshener or mixed into sugar as a flavoring.

7 thoughts on “All that lavender”

  1. Lavender is one of those plants that just keep on giving! Love bunches of dried lavender and also a spray of lavender oil in the bedroom is so relaxing before bed. I bet the perfume in the drying sheds was incroyable Kay ✨

  2. Thanks for the documentary about lavender. I have enjoyed reading about (and seeing) the fields, the farms and the processors.

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