Our local Friends of the Library have a couple of small buildings behind the Library. One is a drop off location for donations, the other is a small outlet for their monthly sales of used books and both are popular spots. The donation window was loaded with books when I recently dropped off mine. And during the monthly sales sometimes it’s almost impossible to get into the book sale because there are so many people. Sequim is a community of readers.

5 thoughts on “Bookworms”

  1. Charity shops are a very popular outlet for used book. 4 for €1 sometimes 5. Another option is the Wee free library down on the coastal walk. Take one, leave one. Both places do well. It’s nice that people haven’t given up the physical book in the digital age.

  2. The same is done here. Our branches always have some for sale that are donated, and the funds go back into the library. I tend to look for hardcover fiction there.

  3. You are lucky that the local library takes donated books and has book sales. My Connecticut library won’t take books. I heard yesterday that the library in the next town does; I will be driving a few bags of books over there this week.

  4. Jack is right; it is wonderful that your community has such high regard for readers that they try to accommodate them in a variety of ways.

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