Sequim Rocks

DH found this Sequim Rock recently at the Sequim Library. Sequim Rocks is a thing here. People paint rocks and place them around the community. Finders are encouraged to take a picture of the painted rocks they’ve found, post it on Facebook, and then leave the rock somewhere else for another to find. It’s a day brightener and some of the rocks are beautiful little works of art.

7 thoughts on “Sequim Rocks”

  1. I found one similar to this at our library, entitled “You art Loved” on a slip of paper with the instructions from someone in the group project called “The Abundant Love Project on Facebook” but I was not told to pass it on. I have kept it displayed on a small piece of furniture in my entrance hall. Such a wonderful gift from the universe! Hope you are having a good Sunday while enjoying all those lavender plants, too.

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