Earth Muffin Lavender

Earth Muffin is another small lavender operation in Sequim and is one of the more recent additions. There are 270 plants locally and another 120 offsite in Everett. Like most of our growers, they distill their own essential lavender oil and produce lotions and flower water. Admission is free and they welcome visitors during the Lavender Festival.

They are easy to find at the corner of Woodcock and Cays Roads.

6 thoughts on “Earth Muffin Lavender”

  1. You were able to photograph and capture ever so nicely the beautiful deep colour of the plants. We have had to cancel (long, unpleasant story) our August trip to Door County, Wi so I will miss seeing those gorgeous lavender plants there. Your photos are definitely good visual timing for me!!

  2. I wonder if the smaller lavender farms find it difficult to compete Kay.. I think I’d probably use the smaller enterprises for that reason šŸ˜Š

    1. I think there are many who agree with you, Grace. This little farm is very easily accessible, which may also work to its advantage.

  3. And a side “benefit” of visiting Earth Muffin Lavendar is that you can easily see “that house” ( from there.

    However, we’ve found that if you face West and don’t turn around, always moving around the plants facing West, never facing East, you can absolutely avoid having to even get a glimpse of that house. Again, just face West, and all is well :).

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