Gandalf, is that you?

This sculpture is in the front yard of a residence, partly hidden by large rhododendron bushes. We’d almost driven by before I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

The patina of aged wood lends it character.

7 thoughts on “Gandalf, is that you?”

  1. Oh, I love this…what a great sculpture. I’d be afraid to put it in the yard here, though, ‘cuz someone might steal it or knock it into pieces.

    Re your comment on my blog: I’ve never taken the time to check out those trucks closely. You have a good eye and it’s very possible they are “models” or “mock-ups.” The next time we’re near a Cody’s, I’ll get up close and see what’s going on.

    Have a super weekend and take lots more great photos!

  2. Well! That’s not quite the normal garden sculpture Kay, makes my birdbath look quite tame đŸ˜€ They must be Lord of the Rings enthusiasts!

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