Whimsy Park

The temporary former location of the Sequim Farmer’s Market has taken on a new life. “Whimsy Park” is something of a popup park that has transformed a previously bare lot on Washington Street. A mural that was incomplete several months ago is now enhancing a space with picnic tables, a small stage, and straw bale seating.

Landscaping has been installed and wood chips soften the look of formerly bare soil. The space is inviting, colorful, and far more welcoming than it previously was.

7 thoughts on “Whimsy Park”

  1. Love it and it is indeed rather whimsical! Great addition to your city. It’s surprising how the government can work when it tries. (Assuming this is a government project.) 🙂

    1. Nope, not a government effort since it’s officially on private property, though the city was consulted. It was an all-volunteer effort from individuals, businesses, and organizations in the community. Local high school art students painted the mural; businesses donated the paint, mulch, some of the plants, and earthmoving machinery. Individuals purchased the tables, flags, and more. There is a banner at the back of the park thanking all of the individuals and businesses that helped make it happen. A good news story all around.

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