At the shipyard

When we go to Port Townsend we invariably end up in the shipyard there as DH searches for some kind of maritime this or that at the marine supply store. While he shops I usually go on the prowl with my camera, which is what I did recently. The landscape is always changing as boats come ashore for maintenance and there’s lots going on. I’m not a mariner but I love this place. You’ll see more in the next few days.

6 thoughts on “At the shipyard”

  1. A changing scene with the boats constantly being worked on. When we lived in Killybegs, I used to always walk past where they worked on the boats. I usually photographed their names and the workers doing their jobs. Interesting scene like you said, great for photographing.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. This place is literally littered with mailboxes! I wonder if that is confusing to the mail person? I would have a great time in a place like this taking photos. Funny thing – last night we were watching a TV show and one character is a photographer (supposed a superior one) and he went with his girl out to a beautiful place in the country to spend the weekend, but he didn’t bring his camera with him. I thought, that guy is no photographer. He’s a pretender!

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