Breakfast at the airport

Before we went to the Port Townsend Aero Museum, here and here, we went to the Spruce Goose Cafe nearby. I’d heard the food was good. I’d heard right.

The decor is all about airplanes: posters, models, framed photographs.

It was a nice day and the deck was full. After they finished their meals several diners walked down to the air field, untethered planes and took off. That’s one way to make an exit.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast at the airport”

  1. Spruce Goose – isn’t that the name of the big wooden plane made by Howard Hughes during WWII? What a plane that was and what a character he was! I would like this cafe a lot no matter what its name, I think! Love that 2nd shot of the diners on deck.

  2. Well there’s no doubting the theme here Kay ☺ love the red brollies! Taking of in a small plane makes driving off pretty ordinaire!
    P.s. the search for owls will continue 😀

  3. Back in the day I used to do that with a pilot friend – fly into a little airport, early, have breaky, and come home. He was accumulating needed flying hours for his commercial license, I was along for the ride. Fun times, long ago, 40+ years go by quickly.

  4. Sounds and looks like a nice cafe. I would enjoy looking at the plane memorabilia. I like the connection of Spruce Goose to Howard Hughes. I read a book about him and his love of aviation but he was rather weird with his phobias.

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