Beautiful wings

The vintage planes at the Port Townsend Aero Museum are beautifully restored. The mirror finish of this 1946 Globe Swift (GC-1A) is just one of many dazzling examples.

The aircraft aren’t simply museum pieces. The planes in the collection are flown regularly.

The museum is located at the Jefferson County International Airport. It’s a busy airport but don’t get ideas about a bustling terminal and 787s taxiing. You can, however, count on a very good cafe, Spruce Goose Cafe, and no traffic jams.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful wings”

  1. Do you fly? Just wondering because of your interest in these planes. Fascinating to know the some are active and in use. I like the airport and the cafe sounds wonderful. In recent years I’ve come to hate our monstrous airports, excessive fees for everything, and standing in line! 🙂

  2. Goodness this silver beauty was made in 1946 was it.. it’s incredibly sleek and cool! They really are looked after like the treasures they are.. good to know they still see a bit of action ☺ Kay you should definitely get some of the lilies, I’ve put mine in the garden but pots are probably the norm.

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