Fancy flights

I’d heard that the Port Townsend Aero Museum was worth a visit. Last week I finally made it there and was delighted that I did. I’m not an aviation enthusiast but this place is exciting, filled with interesting and gorgeous aircraft.

Visitors are surrounded by planes, on the floor of the museum and in virtual flight. About 20 1920s to 1940s vintage aircraft are on display. There are also hundreds of models in display cases.

Everything gleams with love and the museum is a visual delight. The beauty above is a 1937 Staggerwing Beech (Model C-17B, if you really want to know).

The museum is focused on youth mentorship, including job skills training through restoration, maintenance, and operation of the museum’s antique aircraft. Tomorrow I’ll share more of what I saw.

6 thoughts on “Fancy flights”

  1. I can see why you enjoyed it so much Kay.. lovely shiny colourful wee beauties here, they look so fun.. but I still wouldn’t go up in one 😀

  2. Looks like a great place to explore! I felt the same way visiting an aviation museum years ago near Tampa — and, just like you, ended up really enjoying it. Nice pics.

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