Spring winds

It was very windy on Tuesday, gale force all day and well into the night. DH wanted to investigate how the waters looked in Dungeness Bay, which as some sheltering influences. This shot can illustrate what he saw. Close in, where the water is less disturbed, is the bay. The line of land in the middle distance is Cline Spit, an important force in providing shelter to the bay. Further out is a thin strip of land. That’s the Dungeness Spit, another moderating influence. Beyond that, where you can see breaking waves and very choppy water, is the Strait of Juan de Fuca where anyone in their right mind would not have wanted to be.

I don’t exaggerate when I say it was windy. We lost a large piece of our plum tree to gusts. As you can see, it wasn’t as healthy as we might have thought and it was in need of a good pruning. But it takes some strong wind to tear apart a tree like that.

6 thoughts on “Spring winds”

  1. Generally, I like wind but not if it is dangerous to life and limb or to plum trees. Your explanation of the water and the force of the wind in each area is very interesting.

  2. That sounds scary to me. I hate wind! But what a great shot of the water…and yes, I can see the whitecaps far off. That had to be some force to take your plum apart!

  3. Glad that was the worst of it for you. Earlier this week, for days and days, the meteorologists informed us we would be getting severe weather. RAIN – YES! Sure, enough…the wind really picked up. Lots of wave action on Sarasota Bay & the Gulf of Mexico. As the sky darkened, I checked the weather radar – and suddenly the storm shifted to the north. We ended up getting a 5-10 minutes downpour. That’s it.

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