Flight of cormorants

There are a number of collective nouns for a group of cormorants, a “flight,”, a “rookery,” a “gulp” (I found that on the Internet. It must be true, right?), a “rookery,” or a “swim.”

In this case I think it should be a raft of cormorants, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Flight of cormorants”

  1. They are fun to watch…we have mostly anhingas, which are almost the same, and I love to see them dive in one spot and come up a 100 yards down the river!

  2. Those look like Pelagic Cormorants, rather than the more common Double-crested. I keep checking the ones here, but still none in breeding colours. Everything is late this year!

  3. Ha — ‘raft’ is a good one! I must say….I’ve never heard ‘gulp’ or ‘swim’. Although, whenever I see cormorants they’re usually alone.

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