Let’s do lunch

Our gang of buddies did some retail grazing recently in Silverdale, a city that boasts so many stores, large and small, that it’s frankly not for the faint of heart. In my case that’s why I travel in a gang. There’s also an abundance of restaurants. But Silver City stands out. And I did some happy grazing on this offering. There’s a salad underneath all this yum.

4 thoughts on “Let’s do lunch”

  1. Silver City sounds like a place you’d find in the mountains of Nevada! But that’s a nice presentation on your plate and looks yummy. So what else did you buy in silver city…nice silver earrings, perhaps, or a sterling silver chain? You can tell me. My lips are sealed!

  2. What a lovely looking dish! The shrimp surrounded by avocados supported by an underlying salad looks divine to me! I really should live by the sea or a large body of water. A childhood originating on the shores of Lake Michigan influenced my fish and seafood appetite, which just seems to grow in appreciation of marine life and food with each passing year.

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