Really? Chapter 2

I showed you this house last month as it was getting painted. Not long after the house was finished the front door color was rolled out: bright red. I’m told the door has green panels in it. Passersby can look the other way. The neighbors? I suppose they can plant trees. Tall trees.

9 thoughts on “Really? Chapter 2”

  1. I dunno…having some Swedish in my background, the colors look pretty good, except for that red door – red doors belong only on Episcopal churches! 🙂 You are right about Florida traffic…it can be fatal. Aargh! Even Ocala has been inundated by goofy drivers. But you must remember that most people in Florida have recently arrived from the northern climes! 🙂

  2. We hate to even drive down Woodcock now, or even Cays (as you can see it in the distance). It is just such a “look-at-me” eyesore that we don’t even like driving by it. Hurts the eyes!

  3. I LOVE this house, and I congratulate the owners on their home. I’d live in it in a minute. I think I am fairly conservative but I see charm and delight in this structure and colours!!

  4. **ugh**
    I suppose I could see it as a beach house with those bright colors….but, that’s about it. Are you taking bets that the owner is an artist?

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