Spring obstacles

Spring is a great time to take on projects that we’ve planned over the winter, such as our new deck. But spring hasn’t been very cooperative. In addition to the seemingly endless wind and rain, thunder and lightning was added to the mix Thursday evening.

5 thoughts on “Spring obstacles”

  1. You can console yourself with the knowledge that the rain will help nature beautify our environment with new and healthy growth. I suppose when one wants to make repairs, that’s not much compensation.

  2. Endless wind and rain doesn’t sound like much fun. We’ve had a lot of wind, but almost no rain and things are super dry and our forest will start on fire soon…It’s nice and cool this morning, though…in the 60s! Hope it dries up and you can get that project finished. I imagine you will be involved in that work.

  3. Oh, what I’d do for a rainy night…or day! We desperately need rain here in Florida. The past couple of days, some dark clouds appear. But, Mother Nature is being fickle! Hope it clears up soon for you.

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