Lunch with a sea lion

Here are the last of my wildlife shots from our San Juan Islands excursion with Puget Sound Express. We came upon a Stellar, or Northern, sea lion enjoying some lunch. It was another of many exciting moments.

Lunch was probably a salmon. Now…how did we find this one sea mammal in a very large body of water?

The poor guy was being mercilessly harassed by a flock of seagulls that dive bombed him, pecking at the fish in his jaws.

Think about that today if you’re among those who have a feast planned for Easter and dread dinner table conversations. It could be much worse.

There were other sea lions not far away that seemed content with their lot.

6 thoughts on “Lunch with a sea lion”

  1. These are wonderful photos! I’ve never seen a sea lion up close in the water or eating lunch! And those gulls have no fear! Fun times on the water!

  2. Looks like it gets pretty crazy out there in the water. The birds are ganging up on the sea lion and all he wants is a nice meal. Great shots Kay.

  3. Those gulls must drive the poor guy crazy. But, as Andy says, in nature there is no such thing as good table manners. In my own travels I have come to understand that for wild animals, every day presents the need to find something to eat and poses the risk that something else will eat you.

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