Sucia Island

One of the many highlights of our trip through the San Juan Islands with Puget Sound Express was a visit to Sucia Island, a Washington State marine park. The island is a gem. Parts of the landscape have the mood and beauty of a large, perfectly composed Japanese garden.

There are beaches and picnic tables. Walking trails circle much of the island.

There were brief light rains while we were on the island and we had the island entirely to ourselves after the only other boat departed. Weather in April is unpredictable but it means that many popular spots are uncrowded.

4 thoughts on “Sucia Island”

  1. I would love this place, especially if it was not crowded! Is it possible I’ve seen some of this area on HGTV? Your photos look eerily familiar and I’ve never been there but I remember some HGTV episodes where people were buying homes on islands not far from Seattle.

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