This one stayed still

I have a spotty relationship with the red winged blackbirds around here. They’re happy to show off their colorful shoulders to me just as long as the camera is nowhere near my face. They usually take off the minute I take aim. Except this fellow. He didn’t get the memo. He may have just been in a mood to show off.

He certainly had plenty to say.

9 thoughts on “This one stayed still”

  1. Nice shot Kay. Red wing blackbirds are one of my favourites. They are one of the first birds to return here after their winter break.

  2. Oh yes! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a good shot of one of these; I’m jealous! Terrific photo! But, because of your comment yesterday, I’ve been driving all over central Florida trying to find that car with the kayaks to see if the kayaks had California license plates! Thanks a lot! Sheesh!

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