Theme Day: Wet

You don’t have to look far on the Olympic Peninsula to find today’s theme of “Wet.” The Hoh Rainforest, part of Olympic National Park, is one of the wettest places in the U.S. with an average rainfall of 12-14 feet (3.5 to 4.25 meters). In places, as along this stream, it’s hard to see where the water ends and foliage begins. And if you’re visiting when it’s raining, water is everywhere. It’s impossible to not be wet.

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10 thoughts on “Theme Day: Wet”

  1. Wonderful shot! Looking at this, I feel as though I’m in the wet woods with you. Love that vibrant green! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

  2. Amazing color and composition. We’ve just had the wettest Feb and March in the history of W WA – enough already. Did you enjoy that day of sunshine on Thursday? What a treat – I even sat on the deck in the sunshine after planting bright yellow pansies to cheer up the deck – and me. Happy weekend – I hear it is going to be wet – but that’s no surprise.

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