Creation story

This plaque is set into the pavement at Waterfront Park in Port Angeles. Entitled “Klallam Creation Story,” it is about one of our local Native American tribe and reads as follows:

“The Klallam tell us how the tribes of the region were created at a place on the Elwha River where there are two big holes in the rock called “coiled baskets.” It is there that the creator bathed and blessed the people.”

6 thoughts on “Creation story”

  1. It’s interesting how water is so often involved in religious rituals and traditions. Re Costco…we had one just a mile away in Ft. Lauderdale, so we really miss it. You’re lucky!

  2. Creation stories are quite interesting. There are lot of different Alaska Natives and each one has their creation stories. I took a class that required us to read and discuss those stories, it was one of my favorite classes.

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