Theme Day: Black and white in color

Today’s theme features photographs where color is so muted that the shot appears to be black and white. In the middle of winter here in the Pacific Northwest this isn’t much of a stretch. My shot is from the Dungeness bluffs looking south across the Strait of Juan de Fuca toward the Olympic Mountains.

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11 thoughts on “Theme Day: Black and white in color”

  1. Love the shape of the clouds, and the tree’s shape adds a very creative contrast. Yes, getting this kind of picture in Minnesota and your area makes this theme relative easy for us. Gives us appreciation, tho, for our winter landscape. PS. Really glad to be thinking again about CDP and my favourite bloggers.

  2. A very moody pic. The Pacific NW has such a great difference in the seasons. I spend my summers in the Seattle area and the sky is usually always so blue with fluffy white clouds. I haven’t spent many winters there.

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