Winter buffet

We had snow down to sea level again yesterday (though this photo is from an earlier, bigger snowfall).

This is oceanspray (holodiscus discolor), a native plant that’s part of the rose family. The seeds you see here are an important food source for birds through the winter. Before going to seed, the plant’s spring blossoms provide nectar to butterflies and other insects.

6 thoughts on “Winter buffet”

  1. Even with the snow there the blue sky in the background still brightens things up. New high temperature record of 18 °C here yesterday. Thunder storms coming today.

  2. And they give me hayfever. I adore the blossoms and know the seeds are great for the birds, but when the blooms start I know it is weeks of runny eyes and sneezing, but I’ll put up with that for the beauty of it all. The streets to our house are a bit wild and are lined with Ocean Spray – beautiful – achooooo. Lovely contrast in your photo.

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