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  1. Perfect. But I think even a horse’s ass is too nice a phrase for the orange-headed monster!

    Re your comment on Ocala: We laugh at those kinds of shorts down here, too!

  2. Interesting that many during the race were against Trump because, among other things, he was “rude.” And now that he is our president, those same people feel ok with themselves being rude. Quite the double standard, if you ask me. Hopefully we can all grow up, learn not only to get along but to love each other, and to make this world a better place.

    1. Call it as you see it, Mike. I appreciate your respectful tone. I am reacting to the “election” of a person I find foul, vile and dishonest, who has so lowered the standard of discourse that it’s hardly recognizable. I am appalled at the disappearance of objective truth and accountability, at the bullying, the misogyny, racism, and sexism. My reading of history further leaves me deeply troubled at disturbing parallels with other so-called populist movements. And I find it interesting that after eight years of obstruction and insult that criticism should be jettisoned so “we can all grow up.” I have good friends who voted for this man. We get along just fine. But I won’t love what I can’t respect.

      1. Kay I agree with you on all points above. Indeed, these are the reasons none of the people in my family voted for the man. I especially appreciated your comment about “lowering the standard of discourse so that it’s hardly recognizable”. For sure, and amen.

        And since Donald Trump is seemingly unable to debate with words he simply degenerates to name calling. If he doesn’t respect someone he calls them names. And whoever makes even a good point against him is met with a slew of names whether applicable or made up. This name calling on his part is very rude, and again is one of the many reasons you and I did not vote for the man.

        But oh wait, what did you do in this very picture today Kay? You simply resorted to name calling to someone you don’t respect. Oh how true it is that those we disrespect often reveal more of ourselves than we’d like.

        I won’t say anything more, I’m not here to argue (heck what have we got to argue about, we both dislike the man and didn’t vote for him! :)), but I believe this picture today is beneath you, Kay. You may get wonderful accolades from many people about it, but if you consider it thoroughly I think you’ll see that you showed yourself to be more like him in doing so. Just because we don’t like someone, and don’t respect them, does not mean we have to degenerate to name calling and bad-mouthing.

        1. Final comment, Mike: I consider this a protest. Things I care deeply about are threatened, including our natural environment, economic stability, and our national security, not to mention a rise in intolerance and the demise of truth. With the panoply of options available, this one seems the most benign. I am enraged. If this translates to rudeness, so be it. I personally see a lifetime of effort and activism evaporating. If this election were in service to a greater good it might be easier to accept. But in the long term I only see more misery for those who are now so excited and embracing “change.”

  3. P.S. I did not vote for Trump, I voted for Evan McMullin (write-in), but get real tired of rude people, on all sides.

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