Theme Day: Transition


I went for the obvious for today’s City Daily Photo theme, “Transition.”

This is one of the bigger transitions in my life, the day a gigantic moving truck picked up everything we owned in California and drove off. After several stops it arrived at our destination, Sequim, Washington. This marked the end of my life spent entirely in California, the end of my working career, and, for a while, the end of much that was familiar. Knowing all this, I was filled with excitement. The lack of anxiety assured me that all would be well, as it has been.

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8 thoughts on “Theme Day: Transition”

  1. Pretty much summed up the way we moved up here also, and also from California…Oceanside to be exact. I was San Diego born and bred. Never have regretted our move up here 11 1/2 years ago. And yes, it is sort of scary when they drive off in that big truck with everything you own!!!

  2. A nice selection for the transitions theme. We used North American to move to Oregon from New Hampshire. Every move we’ve done has been thousands of miles. It is an exciting time for us but not for all people. When we moved to Ireland, we just had 4 suitcases, we sold or gave away all our stuff. Can’t remember half of it now. 🙂

  3. From what I’ve seen and read, your transition from California to Sequim was a smart move and you seen very happy where you are now. That is wonderful as it doesn’t always work out that way. Nice theme day post!

  4. Slipping back in now and then even tho I am on a self-imposed hiatus. Yup, a VERY big transition for you that seems to have worked out quite well!!

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