First snow


We’ve had a series of rain storms lately. At times like these the mountains are cloaked in clouds for days on end, wall-to-wall grey. It’s cause for celebration to see them again.


When they’ve emerged lately they’ve had fresh snowcaps. It looks like there’s enough that they’ll stay like this a while.

8 thoughts on “First snow”

  1. That snow is so beautiful. From a distance. I know people who say they like snow and winter and such, but I had enough of that when I lived in places like Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Illinois. It’s fun to visit snowy places and play in the stuff, but then I like to come home and lay out on the lanai and drink in the rays of the warm sun.

  2. Nice to see the snow on the mountain tops. We even had a bit of snow today. (Not even one inch.) But, you need to check out my post about the snow tomorrow.

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