I pledge allegiance…


I don’t really get it. It seems in the U.S. these days that enthusiastic flag-waving is somehow uber-patriotic and honors our country.

But there’s a protocol to displaying the flag. This is not how it’s done. Nor is flying a flag 24/7, unlit, in any kind of weather.

We’ve all got rights, including waving the flag as we wish. But please don’t try to tell me this respects or dignifies Old Glory.

8 thoughts on “I pledge allegiance…”

  1. One thing I notice when I travel in the USA is the large number of homes with stars and strips on display outside. Displaying the flag like that is something that is not seen in Canada. They say Americans are the most patriotic people in the world.

  2. I, too, am tired of the way some people use the flag in an erroneous way to advertise their love of country. Perhaps a review of flag etiquette is in order. Cynic that I can be at times, I question their motivation and sincerity.

  3. I do not understand that need to fly the flag. That really has nothing to do with patriotism. In too many cases, people use their flag-flying as a way of justifying their ignorance, racism, of misogyny. It seems to me that if I was a terrorist one of the first things I would do to dispel suspicion is fly the flag.

    But, I’m just a cranky old man. Still, patriotism has to do with upholding the Constitution, and acting in accordance with the best American values.

  4. You may question ignorance of etiquette or motivation for flying the flag but I’d rather see it flown incorrectly than the increasing display of lack of respect for our national anthem.

  5. There’s no right or wrong way to be patriotic. It’s an expression or what some say loophole into freedom of expression. More so than often we are losing our rights to display our very own flag. I say fly away.

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