Resting in peace


My trip to Port Gamble early this month included a visit to Buena Vista Cemetery, established in 1856. Like most pioneer cemeteries, its occupants arrived long ago from distant shores. Many resting souls came from Maine but there were also former residents of Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, England, and Canada.


Though many of the tombstones were unreadable from years of exposure, some, sadly memorialized infants and children. Unlike many cemeteries it doesn’t seem as if graves are packed as tightly as cordwood. And, as the name implies, “Buena Vista” has a fine view.

5 thoughts on “Resting in peace”

  1. Most cemeteries today are crowded. I have always liked walking through them, it’s so peaceful. Nice view for those who are resting.

  2. I don’t know that where they “rest” matters much to the deceased, but I’d tend to visit this place more often if a loved one were buried here, rather than in a crowded urban cemetery.
    Lovely vista!

  3. As a teen-ager, I and friends would hang out and picnic in cemeteries; there is serenity in those places that appeal to all ages.

  4. Buena vista indeed. I have a fondness for old cemeteries. I grew up with a cemetery to one side of our yard, another across the street and even an old paupers graveyard behind the house. The only side without a cemetery had a pond.

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