Dahlia dazzlement


In front of the Port Gamble Post Office is one of the most spectacular displays of dahlias I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous, healthy, and diverse specimens filled a small garden.


A postal employee told us that the Kitsap County Dahlia Society is responsible for the display and a fellow named Michael maintains it. They really know what they’re doing.


Each plant is labeled with its name so the truly smitten (moi!) can track down one (or a dozen) for home gardens. (We were told the Dahlia Society has a yearly sale.) This splendid garden is going to be cut down soon. I’m so pleased I happened on it before it disappeared for another year. It’s well worth a visit during the dahlia growing season.

6 thoughts on “Dahlia dazzlement”

  1. Super collages! The variety of colors is stunning. The dahlia really is a gorgeous flower. We’re OK…some wind and rain but that’s about it. Still have power – that’s the best thing!

  2. Beautiful and delightful to see! The collages are impressive, I like the way in which you displayed them. Very nice Kay!

  3. Nice! Dahlias are the last flowers to show off in Elizabeth Park. I should go over there tomorrow to see if they are still abloom.

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