6 thoughts on “The flock”

  1. These are very cute and so out of place. We have some of these kitschy things here but that’s to be expected…this is Florida, the home of kitsch (bad kitsch) that is! I didn’t know flamingos could live in your neck of the woods.

    Re your comment on green lawn: this is a bit unusual but we’ve had a lot of rain lately and Adam takes good care of the crop. If I was doing it, it would be many different colors, mostly shades of gray and brown!

  2. I have always wanted a dozen to place in my front yard primarily for the reaction we would get. My niece had a neighbour who spoke disparaging about another neighbour’s bad taste for using webbed lawn chairs whereby my niece bought two for her own yard as well as several very pink flamingos. Her actions were cheeky but she amused me.

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