4 thoughts on “Wait! Not yet!”

  1. Gotta get going when the going is possible! Lovely yellow color. I wish you good travels and will look forward to hearing from you and seeing some great pictures when you return. Be safe!

  2. It is unbelievable (well, almost) that our rains started so quickly. I wanted the easing in too – some rain – some days of sun and warm – before we got hit so hard – but I hear there are some sunny days coming. We are going to Lopez Island for our 52nd anniversary (leaving here on Thursday for the ferry), with a cabin on the beach and days to wander and explore – I’ve been watching the forecasts but they have gone anywhere from severe thunderstorms to sunny and pleasant and back again – so we’ll see what comes. Whatever it is – we have great plans to enjoy the scenery and the weather and our time away. At least we got our deck pressure washed and stained/painted with two days of good hot sunshine to dry it well before the rains hit – that was our goal for the summer and we just made it. I see a bit of sun peeking through the trees – maybe a jaunt up to Birch Bay would be a good plan for today.

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