Doodlebugs 1

I’ve always managed impulse control pretty well but Doodlebugs on Washington Street severely tests me. I’ve got a habit and they have my fix. You may know me as a photo blogger but I spend a lot of time — and an inordinate amount of money — making greeting cards.

Doodlebugs 2

I’m addicted to rubber stamps. And dies. And designer paper. And embellishments. And alcohol ink pens. And a lot more stuff than you’re probably interested in reading about. Doodlebugs, owned by a family of very nice and exceedingly talented people, has it all. And if they don’t have it they’ll get it for you. (Their customer service is truly awesome.)

Doodlebugs 3

If you don’t know how to do something they can usually demonstrate it to you. Chances are they may even offer a class. And if all else fails, buy a coloring book, sit down, and color. It’s supposed to be very soothing.

6 thoughts on “Doodlebugs”

  1. I have seen your cards and you are an artiste! This place must be like paradise to you. I’m not into these kinds of things nor am I into coloring books anymore (a daughter-in-law of mine does “adult” coloring books, though! Yikes!) but I can understand the need you feed and the pull you feel to buy everything in the store.

    By mistake I found myself in a golf store this afternoon. By the grace of the gods, I was able to get out with a couple of bucks still left in my checkbook!

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