Where there’s smoke


On July 21st we had a very dramatic evening storm. Thunder and lightning. And the lightning wasn’t just short, sharp bolts. This stuff shot horizontally across the sky or came down vertically in long zig zags and lasted for hours. So it was no surprise to learn within a few days that the lightning had sparked several small fires in Olympic National Park. Crews have been monitoring them and since they’re in wilderness areas response has been fairly low key. We’ve occasionally seen smoke from one of the fires.

On Wednesday I noticed a plume of smoke that diminished in the evening. Yesterday it was hot — in the 90s, rare here — and the plume grew, fast. Then, by sunset, it was gone.

Our forest isn’t a tinderbox like most of California. But there’s plenty of fuel. And we’ve seen enough forest fires that smoke is always worrisome.

7 thoughts on “Where there’s smoke”

  1. This is one to hang, Kay! Powerful. I especially love the clean lines and how the colors contrast with each other! Great job!

    Re your comment on Ocala: You don’t have a Target? That’s terrible. But you’ll probably survive. We have one but I seldom go there. And we have no Trader Joe’s, which, from what I’ve heard, is overpriced.

  2. Wow w- great photo – glad it diminished. Always a worry when we see smoke but fortunately our forests are a bit wetter than some areas – even with this dry weather we’ve been having.

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