Flowers galore


There’s an eye catching display of flowers on Towne Road that I look forward to seeing this time of year.

Flower row

They are all annuals so there’s nothing but bare soil in winter. But by July and August there’s a long row of blooms, enough to bring a smile to the face of any flower lover.


I caught a glance of the talented gardener as I headed back to my car. There’s quite a garden behind the wall of flowers.

7 thoughts on “Flowers galore”

  1. Well now that is some floral delight! It’s too bad that it can’t be enjoyed year-round. We have some “annuals” that Lois’ plants in the front yard, some of which return every year with no effort on our part. Those are the ones I like. The “no effort” part. Hey, I’m getting old!

  2. So pretty! Gosh…who wouldn’t look forward to seeing this?! The gardner has a good eye. Hope she knows how much her efforts are appreciated.

  3. Nice! It takes an awful lot of work to have such an extensive annual garden. I use perennials much more, because I am pretty lazy.

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