This sign sits outside the Sequim Skatepark. I don’t know what was on it originally.

Graffiti 2

This is on the upper right side of the sign. In the interest of retaining civility on this blog, I refrain from response.

Tomorrow I’ll show you activity on the other side of the sign.

7 thoughts on “Graffiti”

  1. Sorry, Kay, but civility re Trump went out the window long ago. This is one of the best Trump signs I’ve seen. Dump de Trump!

    1. Lowell, your earlier comment went into moderation. There may have been a typo in your identifying info; you showed up as a new commentator.

  2. Thanx, Kay. If there was a typo I probably did it! Some people have called me a particular kind of typo. Not sure what that means, though…

    Did you delete that file? No good can come from file one cannot identify. That’s the voice of experience talking. I almost got hooked into opening one today…it looked so legit!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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