Deer and more deer

Doe and fawns

The neighborhood deer are accompanied by little spotted fawns in summer. We try to harden our hearts to them — they are, after all, landscape eating machines. But they’re cute and this trio has ranged around our yard a lot. So one day when Mom and only one fawn grazed across our land we mourned the missing fawn, sadder than we’d expected. Several days later, the trio reappeared. Multiple family units, apparently.

Young buckj

Then this young buck showed up, confident and a little cocky. The two Pomeranian dogs next door were apoplectic. He was unfazed.

Young bucks 2

He came back later with a younger buddy.

Wheres waldo deer

Lots of deer also graze at the Dungeness Recreation Area. This time of year the grass is high enough that sometimes ears are the biggest clue they’re there.

6 thoughts on “Deer and more deer”

  1. I know they can be a pain in the rear, but God, they’re cute animals. I like your yard for sure.

    BTW, how do you like the Panasonic Lumix? How did you come to buy it? What do you like best about it? I’m just really curious as I had not seen one before I bought one on eBay. Then I was dumbfounded as to how good it was, and that’s the TZ-1!

  2. You and Lowell have made me curious about the Panasonic Lumix now! The deer? Pretty darn hard to resist, esp when accompanied by their little ones!

  3. Great great photos – we have a set of twin fawns this year too – so cute. I garden on the deck so they can graze our lawn all the want (just stay off the deck). I found they won’t eat lilac bushes so I’ve put both of my potted lilacs on the ground outside the deck – hoping to get them planted this autumn – right in the ground – they will be the first plants – besides the lovely wild ferns that have been in the ground since we moved here and discovered that the deer were here first and love to graze – especially lovely flowering plants. We have clover in the lawn and buttercups – and it is fun to watch the deer nip along and eat just the flowers.

  4. Very cute. There are no deer in my neighborhoods in Connecticut and Florida, though in the less dense part of West Hartford deer (and bears!) are becoming ever more common. The biggest intruders where I live are bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks.

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