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Sequim rocks

Some months ago I posted photos of a series of painted rocks that I’d discovered while walking around Port Angeles, Sequim’s neighbor to the west. Now I’ve discovered it’s become a thing here, too. Sequim Rocks.

I found this rock — no, it’s not a forgotten Easter egg — alongside a trail at Dungeness Recreation Area recently. I didn’t learn until later that the idea is to pick up found rocks, photograph them and post it on the Sequim Rocks Facebook page, then nestle them elsewhere. Some people have painted and beautifully decorated rocks and children have gotten into the act with their artwork, too. By the time I got back, this rock had moved to a new home.

Sequim rocks!

7 thoughts on “It’s a thing”

  1. Sounds like a fun little project for folks up your way. Did you pick this one up? And thanks for the explanation of the thingamajiggy. Hey, I know somethings, but there’s a lot I don’t know, and that was one of them! 😎

  2. I have to disagree with the premise….I really don’t want to be walking through a beautiful natural setting and come upon someone’s idea of colorful art. It seems intrusive and insensitive to the nature that belongs to everyone.

    1. Margaret, I understand your concern. For the most part Sequim rocks are being placed in trafficked city areas – sidewalks, parking lots, building entrances, even mailboxes – that aren’t likely to be marred by small pieces of artistry. Based on my experience and the comments I’ve read on the Sequim Rocks Facebook page they bring a welcome measure of joy and lightness to people’s lives. The rock I photographed was unobtrusive, tucked aside on the trail, and could have readily been overlooked by walkers (I had to point it out to my husband). When I returned with the intention of picking it up it had already disappeared, as is the intention.

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