Out for a walk


There are plenty of chicks in this quail family. I counted 17 or 18 of them protected by three adults. That’s a pretty good survival rate so far. They are prey for all manner of predators with wings and paws.

4 thoughts on “Out for a walk”

  1. What a terrific photo. I’ve never seen so many quail in one place at the same time. I remember going quail hunting in Minnesota with my uncle when I was a wee kid. I thought it was great fun. Wouldn’t do it now, though.

  2. That is a big brood to corral around but the 3 adults apparently are good at it. I wonder if there are male adult caretakers among them since so many animals have females for nurturers.?

  3. Kate, two of the adults in this photo are males. According to my “Sibley Guide to Bird Life,” both parents provide care.

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