6 thoughts on “Non-buyer’s remorse”

  1. I’d say if it doesn’t hurt financially or emotionally, that you ought to go back and buy the damn pottery! Sheesh! Life is too short to worry about a few bucks over something you find pleasing and will bring you some joy. 🙂


  2. Lost another comment! Grr! Listen to wise Lowell. Any of these platters would be a graceful addition to a table setting. Adding a vase of bright yellow flowers would complement the pottery, too! Go for it, Kay!!

  3. Everyone else is telling you to go back and buy something. I will give you the other perspective. Save. Hoard. Don’t go anywhere and don’t buy anything. Your bank statement will look so good in your coffin.

  4. Go Buy IT!!! I have found that especially now , in our later years, why not buy that item you yearn after?

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