Dances with cows

Talking back

We ventured down an unfamiliar road and found a herd of cows.

I remembered that I’d recently seen a video about how much a herd of cows liked music being played for them (click here or here if you’d like to see it for yourself). I teased DH that he should serenade them. As I moved toward the fence to shoot DH rendered a very compelling series of “m-o-o-o-s.” No music. Just a friendly hello. This was just one of the cows who enthusiastically responded.

Grumpy cow

And no matter how much I tried to give her some slack this cow simply looked grumpy to me. I guess we all have those days.

6 thoughts on “Dances with cows”

  1. I have always said that Dixieland Jazz has a timely appeal to it, and now the cows appreciate it as well. Both videos made me laugh, so early in the morning. Your top photos looks as though the cow is making an appeal.

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